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Missed You (pt.4)

You're not even mine and it bothers me. After all that time, everything I've felt about you remains the same. I feel guilty for leaving. You probably wondered if I'm ever coming back or if I still loved you. My feelings never changed about you.

Do you ever think of me still? Do you even remember me? All the times I made you smile and all the times I made you laugh?

It was never my intention to hurt you. I never meant to even leave you. I'm not me without you. Even when I'm here, I think about being with you. I think about how happy you used to always make me on my worse days.

I think about you everyday of my life, I wish I can stop and I wish I can forget you. Yet you're all I think of. The way your lips curl when you smile at me. How your eyes dilate when you look at me. All the secrets I used to tell you. And I was just your little safe haven.

All the sorrows I'd take from your shoulders and placed them on mine. All the burdens you carried was suddenly gone. I just want to take care of you. I want to take care of your soul. I wish I loved you more than missing you.

You made me feel safe too. I felt sane when I was with you. You were my happy place, my home and home just seemed to be wherever you were.

I should've never left.

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