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Cravings (Pt. 2)

I’m in my favorite t-shirt right now. No pants on, completely naked under my Star Wars shirt. I’m having cravings again, I gave you that look. As you’re leaning over; you pulled me closer to you.

You start off by kissing me gently, then you grab my waist and held me closer as you kiss off on my skin, inch by inch. I start taking off your clothes too. Your body feels warm. But you wanted to please me instead, you started kissing my body again, from my stomach down to my thighs but you start kissing back up.

I swear when your tongue went in back and forth, two fingers going in and out as you wrote poetry with your tongue... I’m at a lost for words, I just want to pull your hair and rip up the sheets with my bare hands.

My facial expressions made you lick it like it was the last bit—even more aggressively as if I’m an ice cream cone on a hot summer day melting. I told you to give me more and just stick it in already but you wanted me to feel the mother tongue instead.

After you made me forget my own name with your mouth, you slid your dick inside of me, but not all the way. You’re teasing me now. I want it more than anything.

Good ni

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