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Barely Human

The eyes: where they collide and meet so perfectly. I seduced your mind and its entirely.

How does it feel to meet someone barely human? To read your mind then fuck it? How does it feel to be so intrigued and scared at the same time? How does it feel to meet someone badly human-someone you'd keep, keep trying to shut out but you keep getting cravings and dreams about?

How does it feel touching my lips? Tell me how refreshing it taste; how fulfilling it was when I stared into your soul with my eyes as if your soul was mine to keep. How does it look? The vampire footprints on your body that you human beings call hickies. How does it feel to be loved by someone barely human?

Yet I feel the universe. You happen to be first base, my first destination. The first layer I've been appealed to have. Forever and until the end of all human race even to its last existence.

Have you fallen in love with someone barely human? Are you willing to give me time in exchange of my love; love?

Someone barely human-amused by the correlation of the stimulant human species.

I will give you everything you never felt in a lifetime.

Fill you up with love then leave you.

And Love, I won't be long. I'll be back. And those thoughts, emotions and memories will eat you up alive.

But I will save you. I will be your reaper.

Always, forever and a day more.

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