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Anh Thu

Hey you,

I know one day you’ll hear about this. Or see it. Who knows. I’ve been missing you and I think about you a lot. You’re my big cousin. You taught me everything to this life. Since we were youngins.

You deserve so much more than everything that has brought you pain. I see right through you. I wish I can do more as your little cousin. Sister basically. I wish things would’ve been better. I know you got me like no other and you’d do anything for me.

And it sucks. The way our family is in Vietnam and even here. Since grandma died. Nothing has been the same has it? Everybody fighting for money, land and power. I wish you understood it all. I wish you really did. But you know I’mma always be wherever you are though right. I gotchu no matter what.

I know you, I know how you are. You have always been one of the most loyal people to me. You have always put these boys in check when I used to get bullied in elementary school. It nearly took them to hell. And I genuinely appreciate you for sticking up for me when you didn’t have to. But you did. You and Hai have always been there for me. Mostly you.

You understand my perception of my childhood. My life and everything else in it. When you sent me a bunch of bus routes, but it was an entire mapline of where I was all day. I don’t know what I did to gain such a blessing from you; you in general. We have always been good friends but sometimes we enable each other because we’re so protective of one another.

After grandma died, I saw her in my dreams. She wanted me to protect you at all costs. She’s worried for your sanity and safety. I’m gonna do what I can to make sure you make it out of here with me to survive. I will make sure you can live. And you will be saved. By me. I know many of them has lost respect and love for you. Hell they given up.

But when it comes to family, when it comes to love. I will always protect you. And I will always make sure to keep your daughter safe no matter what the consequences are. I will make sure she is fed, and she is loved. I will go against all odds to make sure of that. Even when you’re not around.

You want to know a secret? She loves you more. I can tell you’re her favorite parent. She understands your conditions and your behaviors. Not completely. But she does. She is so well rounded and smart. Just like you. She has manners and speaks like an adult. For her homework; she wrote about you and I.

I will make sure to always keep you safe. I will make sure you stay alive until the day I graduate college over and over again because I’m not done building the family legacy. I’m not done and everything is unfinished business for me. One thing I do know for sure is that I will take your hand. I will help you fight these demons, these nightmares and sick reality you live in. You don’t have to check the door 40 times anymore or take things apart at night to remember where it goes.

Your name holds weight on the streets and in the system. You taught me every direction, shortcut everywhere around. You and your baby moms used to live with me. Before you had your baby girl. When you got your first car, you were so excited to pick John and I up and take us out to each. Whatever it was, no matter how much money you had on you, you spent it on us.

I remember years ago, one of the first few times I had my first hit out of a joint was with you. Man I was so high and we were both so cold but we mob further West to go see her. It was chilly. And cold and the results of going there didn’t really end the way it should. So we bussed it back. Walked up that big ass hill and my fingers were rock solid.

And you apologized to me for the way people acted. You always did, even when it’s not your fault. You’ve always been the giver. You have always had more love than the world, the system, our family and women have failed you. What are you sorry for? You are the realist person I ever met.

You have such a unique way of thinking and always trying to do what’s right and what’s best for you. I think it’s everyone else that has issues. And they always pick at the wrong triggers. I’m sorry for that and I apologize on their behalf.

This website and brand is for you too. I know it will be big one day. And I know one day, I will have it all and more. I will make a difference for the world, society, and you and I. You deserve nothing more than peace Anh Thu.

You organize your food by color and shape because the OCD part of you wants to. You consistently wash all of your clothes because it feels like germs are crawling over you huh? You talk about things that people don’t understand about because your thoughts are getting louder and louder yet no one wants to hear you out.

But I do. I hear you even when you are quiet. It worries me that one day when people know that we are related. They will hurt one of us. And I know when it happens, all hell will break loose. I will come after everyone if they ever hurt you. I won’t stop until I find the root to this stigma.

I have you to be thankful for. I will always be grateful for the morals, values and G code you taught me when I was only in elementary school. Now that I’m more skilled and knowledgeable... I have so much more power. I know everything. Knowledge is power. You gave me that.

You’ve always been my Day 1 and I’ll always be your safe keeper. ❤️

Good morning world. 💙

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