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Who Got Me

Me, myself and I. I’ve been perfectly fine without the company of others and I didn’t realize how peaceful it was... to be away from everyone. Even friends and family. I don’t NEED anyone. I wanted them to be there for me.

But who the fuck was solid and who the fuck held it down harder than I did? What can I do? I can’t blame or misjudge peoples loyalty and their betrayal. I can’t help it. For me loyalty, trust and respect runs deeper. IT ALWAYS HAD. I’ve mentioned it countless of times.

I’m the type of person that will go beyond all morals and values; even my own to make sure shit gets done. I’m the type of person who’ll set up the dining table with 2 bucks in my pocket. In some way, I’m hustlin’. I know how to flip shit out of nothing. From nothing to everything and more. If that’s not real enough, idk what is.

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