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Status Quo

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

"People claim to be a real G but don't even follow the G code."

To live is to not be afraid of dying; it's to stand by your own morals, values, beliefs, your own religion; mine is loyalty.

Everyday I find new things to do research on, new hobbies, new music, new articles, new books to read. By exercising your mind, mentality to think and feel a certain way is where things come into play. My goal for this summer is to read an entire dictionary. Maybe learn about all cultures, religion, gods and other things. Just to see where it all comes from.

I believe in humanity and science. I believe in basic human nature. It blows my mind is how easily people are easily persuaded in to a certain lifestyle and way of thinking. It truly amazes me everyday how people are easily influenced by what they see on social media. Especially with the news, celebrities; things and people who are just doing everything for show. The status quo.

Everyone, people can sit here all day and say they don't like me. Hate on me all they want for being happy. It doesn't bother me, it just goes to show who really supports what I stand for. I haven't even done anything wrong to these people. I don't have to. People are curious, nosey and bored. I've became really fucking good by saying everything on here without really saying anything. My weaknesses, my past has nothing to do with who I am anymore. I worked really hard to be alive today.

May the real prevail, sit at the top with the big dogs, and the rest continue be sheep. While people are trippin' over shit that don't matter, by the way other people choose to live life. I'm simply laying back watching everything; mentally and emotionally taking notes, obtaining new information, considering what matters and what doesn't. Does this reach to my standards? Does this make logical sense? What is the counterargument?

Growing up, seeing everything I did, always out and about since I was youngin'. Left even when my parents were scared for my safety. I saw everything I needed to, I needed to see the world. My perception on the world and people have always been black and white. I never believed in God or religion anything deeper or further than karma, hell and heaven. That's where I stand. I know some people; a lot actually do believe in God, that's fine. People believe in the higher goods to have something to look forward to. Its easing for the mind and heart to comfort and heal, forgiveness, etc.

That's how others grew up or was taught, what I was taught is there is a superior but I further questioned by my own morality and questions I have. I believe in the after-life. But what I was always confused about how humans use God and religion as an excuse to kill, to be bad. I believe there's good in the world and in everyone, always. But some people are just pure evil, you look at them and see nothingness but feel evil.

Look at all the debt we're in as whole yet we're the richest in the world. People kill each other and others for a check, for the system. I'll never understand. I'll never sell my soul for a check. I'm talking about everything about the history of this land. Of this place. Look at far we've gotten, maybe not that far. All the genocides, the homicides. Everything that was failed to be mentioned in our books at school.

I'm talking about the status quo of where you and I both sit in the system. The skin color that we wear, the culture and background we come from. There's already a stereotype and statistic/stigma. You know how many men and women were wrongfully accused for the crime they did not commit, sitting in the pension right now? Just to meet the monthly quo. You know how many people who are homeless now; aren't even drug addicts? They're veterans, they were regular people like you and I. What skin color you have, what gender you identify as, puts you in a certain category already.

Mass shootings, how many of them were colored folks? How many were... well white? People get away with things they know they can; because of their status quo. Yet so many people are fighting old and new demons, so many people are battling mental illness but who actually picked up the AK-47 to start shooting up churches, black churches and schools? Who wants to know? Because I'd like to know.

Look at all the immigrants that came here for their kids and families to start a better life, yet they're supposedly "taking Americans jobs." Since when do you see those immigrants asking for a hand out? Since when were Americans working day and night in whatever weather to get by for a cheating check that doesn't even meet minimum wage? Yeah aight, I'll wait. There are so many things wrong with society and the world. I've seen it all, I've been through it.

If I die for this shit, for passing on old and new information, if one day I fucking die for putting the world and its people to be at peace, then so be it. No one died and came back saying they saw a God. The times I died, I saw light, it was real freedom. I saw everyone I loved. That died before me. Rest in Peace because your soul, your existence is at peace.

But one thing I refuse to die over is no purpose, no gain. If anything were to happen. This is how exactly I want my funeral to go... The people who have wronged me, are NOT allowed to pay their respects. Keep that same energy while I was alive. I will crawl out of my casket if I find out mfs out here false claiming me as their friend, their best friend. Some of them already doing that now, we were never friends if you couldn't follow my code. That's not how shit works. Don't remind me what we were, once was. If you folded, snitched, left, you don't mean a fucking thing to me.

I see people glorifying those whose been a rat and I ain't with all that rat sucker shit. "Real recognize real." And I'm not sitting here writing a list of how "real" I am. You see me, you feel me, so you decide on your own. One thing for sure is if I was a parent and my kid died and I have all these randoms and strangers false claiming for clout on social media, I'd sue everyone.

I've already decided who and what to put in my will. And we will never know until that day happens. All I ask is for; and I don't ask for much, is those who believe in me, who has supported me and know the real definition of loyalty, is to keep my family solid, make sure they're straight. Make sure; my moms, my siblings won't be suffering when I'm gone. Make sure they ate, make sure you show them all the pictures, the videos of me living my fucking life. One thing for sure is I've always lived life, to the fullest extent.

Make sure they knew I was out here making a name for myself, whether on the streets or wherever it is. Make sure they know my name holds weight. And I've earn all my credits. Make sure they know how solid I was alone. But also always down for friends, family and everything else I believed in. Make sure y'all talk about how hard I've been and have been working to see a difference in the world, in this society, day and age, my own life and theirs.

That's all I want. And make sure those who are invited to any events of mine. Graduation, wedding, and funeral... that you all dress in all black, drive the loudest cars, the most of obnoxious. That's all I'd ever want. Make sure, if you receive an asset, you will use that as the beginning of my ending. This living shit ain't for everybody, we're human. We live to die.

Stay grounded, what you know won't kill you. Knowledge in all sources, in all aspects is the most powerful thing. Remain true to yourself, always think and feel for yourself. Stay solid, follow the G code. Never fold. Especially under pressure. All love from my end to yours.

Good morning world. 💙

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