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To touch, to feel. To be completely human, to feel things that make me more human or less of one. I wonder how happier I'd be if I didn't feel everything to a fullest extent. The way my palms hold on to others, the way my soul meets with others. The way I absorb others pain, I think it brings me pain to be able to feel how people feel. To remove myself from my own problems; to take myself out of my own shoes...

To put myself in other peoples shoes, I don't know how I'm able to be so emotional and vulnerable to feel others so compassionately. To have so much empathy. Does it make me an empath or does it make me codependent to others. Always loving, always giving more. All the fucking time and for what? Why the fuck do I do that to myself? Consistency fucking loving everyone else and I don’t even fucking love myself.

These sorrows are narrowing my bones and are aching my heart and burying my soul. Hi ow can I love others then learn how to love myself and my pain too? How does one do that?

Good morning world. 💙

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