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Rejected Voices

"The thoughts of being hungry. Every hitter' getting paid, just a player getting laid."

Maybe one day; maybe one day, when we switch shoes, you’ll see my pain. Maybe one day when you realize that your parents almost aborted you and the 3 siblings before you; you’ll feel my pain. Maybe one day when you remember every memory installed into your brain because of PTSD, you’ll feel my pain. Maybe one day you’ll understand that it wasn’t me who left but it was you. You left me in times where I just wanted to be healed. And I think my family and parents broke my heart before I ever did.

I’m only 22. It’s about to be my birthday soon. I think I should’ve died the other night when I accidentally OD’d on whiskey (E&J) to be exact. Then I admitted myself into the psych ward. It taught me that no one is actually crazy. They were just afraid of themselves. And I was, too, that night. I think with being so sensitive and emotional creates the depth of amplitudes deeper than ocean views. I think it brought perspective. Hi. I’m Tina. It’s been 11 years. I haven’t had an episode like this in so long. I think I’ve might've relapsed. On depression, on suicidal thoughts and emotions again.

Will continue later....

Good morning world. 💙

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