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Missed You (pt.3)

You have always been special to me, the moment I met you. I wish I can erase everything I love about you. I wish I can forget the way your hands fit into mine so perfectly. I hope you find somebody better than me. I miss you all the time. I think about you every waking moment and every moment I close my eyes.

Maybe timing was wrong, maybe I didn't appreciate you enough. I love you for treating me so well for so long. The thoughts of having you all to myself again keeps my heart at ease. Only thing is I had to love you more than myself and let you go. Let you move on and be happy with someone else that isn't me. I was never good enough for you.

And maybe you weren't the one for me, but I wanted you to always be. I would've done anything for you and I still would. How can I forget the feeling of feeling you? It wasn't your looks that were admirable. It was the way you carried yourself. It was the way you treated people so beautifully. It was the way you caressed my soul intwined with your own. That's why it's so hard to forget you. You made reality feel like it was a fantasy, a never-ending one. You loved every centimeter of me. All that I came with, now my soul feels empty without you. I feel hallow all the time. I wish I can hear your voice again and feel how comforting it was. How it made me feel safe and alive at the same time. I was dying and you saved me.

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