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Missed You (pt.2)

Maybe you never loved me the way I loved you. You loved having me by your side. You loved the fact that I loved you so you didn't have to love me back. You loved knowing I was always there for you even when no one else was.

I never expected you to love me back and maybe that's why you never did. See, I didn't just love you but I was in love with you and that's what you used me for. Love. You loved having me around to fill every hole, every empty void you had. And I was dumb enough to just imagined you'd see me the way I saw you. You were damaged goods but I loved you anyways.

How can you drain me all that time and yet I still care about you and your wellbeing. How you're doing. You brought me more bad than good, yet I'm still here writing novelties about you. I wish you think about all the times we shared. I think about how unhappy you'd be reading this now when I'm long gone. Moving on as I should. Why waste anymore time thinking about all that could've been? Why continue to love someone who never loved me anyway?

All the times we shared our favorite stories, all the laughters, all the cries and smiles? Was that a lie too? Was it all an illusion of what I thought could've been? You've been a crook all your life, you can't even feel the pain you brought into my life. All the times you told me you loved me... was that another lie too?

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