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I know its been awhile since the last time I’ve wrote to you. It’s been a crazy life.

First being that we were hit by a drunk driver whilst waiting for someone to save my dumbass for running out of gas again. Me being me, ”I know my car” felt like I was screaming out for help when I pulled over and waited two hours. Followed being hit by a drunk driver that I did try to help.

Another being that my boyfriend and I losing our first pregnancy—first baby together. All because I was trying to help clean the city and organize a protest. Through it all, I held on to my faith. Through it all, I kept pushing.

All I want in this life is to be so extremely successful and happy. I want to be so happy that everything I do brings back positive energy. That everything I work towards has a purpose so I have one. Even though my life has been in spirals. The better news is, I’ve been working with locals; even designing and engineering websites and apps for other businesses.

I’ve been finding auto body jobs to work at while waiting for school to be back to normal in the fall time. I’ve been tired as always working and going to school or both at once. Then this brand on top of it all. While catching up in my personal life like moving. Finding businesses to lease, a house to buy, now a car.

I believe that things do happen for a reason. The only way out is up and out.

Cheers to humble, hungry beginnings. 💙

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