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Humanity Switch (pt.2)

If it's one thing I've learned; it's to manage the art and the comfort of being alone. It does get lonely but what doesn't make me feel that way at times? One thing I think I'd be more upset about is spending time with people who make me feel alone.

You know those meaningless conversations? I get bored, I get so tired of regular ass things and regular ass people. That is WEIRD to me. My normal is being able to be expressive, to comprehend, to be able to communicate in aspects of underrated factors. Things that goes beyond basic human measures.

I'm so tired of everyone here. I'm so tired of everything. I feel so exhausted just trying to find a muse or something to work on, a blank canvas for me to write poems on with my lips and my skin. I just want to have meaningful conversations with somebody. Something that stimulates my mind with different neurons and electric wave lengths. I want something deep.

Beyond all barriers of walls we’ve built.

I want something passionate. I just want someone who challenges me mentally and emotionally. I want someone to make me feel so vulnerable and actually get my emotions out of my soul. I want words to touch my roots of sanity.

There’s 8 billion people on this planet... yet I’ve never met a soul like mine that kept me busy enough to stay. I don’t cut ties because I’m bored or angsty. I just get tired of routine. I get tired of feeling and seeing the same shit but in another reality. I get so caught up in feeling everything all at once or nothing at all. No one is consultanting or consistent enough.

You know what sucks about loving and giving more?

Is never knowing if you did enough or your best entirely because with the kind of empathy you carry isn’t measurable. It’s when others lack the kind of empathy you have: when others lack the reality you see through the grey. It’s when you see everything in black and white; right from wrong. It’s about holding your values and moralities so high that no one even touched the surface.

Good Morning World; I'm back. 💙

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