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Honestly (pt. 4)

Babygirl, why you always so hard on yourself?

Look at all your battle scars; look at all the pain and hurt you've endured-suffered through. In lost of others burdens, never your own. How many nights did you go without sleeping so others can?

How many meals: including showers did you offer others not even mentioning your own hard working money you earned?

Is this your life?

Or are you living it for others?

I have so many questions for you Tina.

Are you happy with the life you live and those you help?

Or you can't help those who make you happy?

Because in all rationals, in all realities: in all honesty...

All the people who've done you dirty will never be as graceful and successful as you have and will be. Not as happy.

You. I see your scars. I see your blisters. All your new ones too. In every new avenue, in every room-you bring light.

You bring radiance: from your painful eyes. Your nurturing arms; most of all, you bring comfort and you bring change to the lives of others.

What people fail to realize is what you've already discovered. I think that's what the world needs.

Self discovery. Ecology discovery.

A new source of balance.

Good morning world. 💙

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