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Day Dreaming - July 8, 2017

All I want is my own little house with a nice backyard... I like having barbecues. Also I want a huge garden so I don't spend so much money buy processed produce at the grocery stores. I want a big kitchen so I like to cook and host big feasts. I like to have different people get together, enjoy good food and good booze.

I want a family of my own, a wife or husband--who works semi hours as me so that we can have time to go to our kids games. Be the parents mine couldn't be. Give my kids the whole world that convinced me I wasn't enough and was better off without.

I would love to have someone to come home to. Someone who is willing to hear about my day, someone who is willing to bathe me when I have my episodes and can't move. Make me soup when I'm sick; someone who take turns with me to cook dinner, who enjoy going on target runs with me. Who makes time for picnics, dates and even more creative ones. Someone who will have a bbq in the rain with me. I want a love that lasts forever after eternity.

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