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If I can pause time to taste you a little longer, I would. I keep imagining ripping off your clothes with my teeth. And I have dreams about you every night with your fingers deep inside of me, I’m soaked and wet. My lips on every inch of your body. My fingers through your hair, yours in my mouth. How does it taste? Is it sweet enough?

I make you cum 6x in one sitting, how satisfied are you? I remember how every centimeter of your soul taste now. I want you to ride my face until you scream and call me yours and I’m yours forever. Hand holding when you’re on top of me, strap me down, stroke my hair, kiss my neck. Love me all the way down to my toes. I’m 10 toes down on my knees begging you please just to... just to whisper dirty things in my ear.

Call me your baby, make love to my mind, and I’m all yours. I just came... but I’m greedy, do it again but slower. Take your time with me. Be gentle, be patient as I want it even more aggressively now. Bend me over that counter and eat me from behind and show me how I like it. Tie me up and make me cum for you until I can’t. Pull on my hair, make me beg for it, choke me until I can’t breathe and the only way to, is to cum for you once last time.

Pick me back up and throw me on the bed, fuck me everywhere in that house. Make me moan even louder—that your neighbors wake up and get mad at us.

Cravings, I’m craving you.

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