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alone But Never LONELY (pt.2)

The anger, the hatred within the world and society fuels my drive more than anything. And like I’ve said mfs can sit on their asses and fuel their bitterness and sorrows with miserys company. Then again look at how their negativity has brought me. It brought me real loyalty, real love and family. To top it off, SUCCESS and wealth. At the end of the mother fucking day, I didn’t switch up. I’ve remained loyal and 10 toes down. Even when the other party no longer associate with me or care about my wellbeing. I still care and I still love.

That’s how it’s always going to be. I’m always going to be happy and proud of others regardless of how we fell off. Don’t get shit twisted though. These eyes see, feel and hear everything. Just because I haven’t been vocal about every little thing does not mean I haven’t taken initiative for how people view me and how they fake the funk. Mfs glorify those who haven’t even touched the surface of life. They glorify people who haven’t done nothing or put them on the game. People love to sit here and run they mouths and act like their names holds weight or if they’re even doing anything at all to make a difference.

And to me, that’s fucking sad. Mfs be carrying enough weight in their pockets to feed and provide for those who are hungry yet are the most greedy and most stingy people I’ve done met. Or they do shit for clout. How you gonna sit here and pretend to be humble then go out do a little; take pics with those who have less than you. Then you got those who glorify that?

I think the perception of society and others have questioned my own. Not because I don't know who I am. I'm saying I look at these people and what they post.

People really out here false claiming, out here doing shit for the quo. What really matters in the end when we're all going to be six feet deep? All that fame and money won't get or go anywhere. I was taught to always give, always love more. Of course my family dynamics are different but yet, I never questioned it. People who HAVE more will be more cordial with it than those who have less. So lets fucking talk about it.

A portion of my family wouldn't be here. If it wasn't for moms being half black, being an anchor baby. Yet they're well off now and well educated but they forgot who gave them that future, that success and that well... WEALTH. I think after my grandma died, it went to show who caved in for money, property and wellness. Yet who the fuck was there when she was dying. When her health went down hill? WHO THE FUCK CARED? I think everyone else outside of family showed their respect and love more than those in the family or the least to say.

My grandma, this brave and courageous human, she changed the lives of others and let alone her own. She raised many amazing children even the other 1/3 died. She did what she could to get by, she made a living and legacy out of literally nothing. She had my moms. It changed life and the world internally and externally forever. I have to keep going no matter how many times I cry a day. No matter how many downfalls and tears I have to cry. My struggle isn't the struggle and I hate comparing traumas. At the same time, I have so much left to do, sometimes I feel so alone, almost lonely but I am not alone. I am alive, I have so many guardian angels and real life ones too.

I have everything so I want to give my everything to those who have nothing.

Good morning World. 💙

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