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alone But Never LONELY

I refuse to find confidence, love and worth thru another being other than myself. Mfs must’ve mistaken who wears the crown to my body, soul, mind and heart.

I’m not a regular person. I’m not normal and/or stupid/uneducated. My morals are higher, my values and code to an identity doesn’t need confinement from others. Nor do I seek for validation from anyone else but ME.

Mfs like sitting around as if they ever helped. Everything I’ve worked for in life mentally, emotionally and financially has been me and all my efforts. Fuck a handout. Fuck mommy and daddy’s money. I don’t need nobody or anything.

That’s the safest reality to be quite honest. I really enjoy being alone. It gives me time to think and re-evaluate myself. Why the fuck should I settle the fuck down for half ass relations? Why settle for anything at all if it’s not worth my time and energy?

Time is valuable, time is money.

And I refuse to sleep on the clock or break time for people who are undeserving of my time and I. Why should I? My mind and body craves something so much intellectually. If someone isn’t challenging me to do better and/or push me to strive further and fight harder; then it’s not real. It’s not love.

Love is timeless and effortless. Timing is everything and frankly a lot of people are undeserving of time.

Good morning WORLD, woke up and I'm alive again. 💙

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