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Addictive Personality

Something about you got me feeling like it’s just not enough. Being around you, in your arms, in your presence. I want more. It’s almost like a drug; a natural high. And I don’t want it to end. Maybe just being around someone who just gets it. Even in our moments of silence. I feel the radiance of your mind and steady heart beat from across the room.

In a room full of people, all I can see and feel is you. That’s all I see. Even when I’m out and about, in the company of others. I think of you and always do. You cross my mind almost every split second. It’s not a thought anymore. It’s a feeling of missing you. I think it’s possible to miss someone more than loving them. A chunk of my mind just goes crazy when I don’t get you to myself. And I’m a selfish ass mf.

You’ve seen the way I was with drugs and alcohol: abusing it all because I don’t have self control. When something or someone feels good, I keep trying to get my fix. I’d follow you straight to hell just to hold you longer. You make me feel like I’m on drugs, as if I’m drunk. That’s what it feels to be loved by you.

I love when you hold me and kiss me; when you pick me up and spoil me with kisses and affection. I always try to brush it off or run and push you off but I secretly love it anyway. I never seen how affectionate with another being until I met you. Maybe you are the lucky one. The one that gets it all. All parts, sides of me. I can’t wait to finish blossoming to be someone I’d want and share that with you.

Invite you to love me too. This isn’t even it. You haven’t seen me in full action yet. There’s always room to grow and radiate again. It comes with time and patience. Can’t wait to not only give you half of me but all of me. Dress up for cute dates and go on road trips and try new things or teaching you new things and my love language.

Good morning love. 💙

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