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A Love Like This

A love where we grow old together. Where our souls ignite through each others eyes like a bonfire. A love that is everlasting and for all eternity. A love so strong, a bond so real that it makes me feel as if I'm flowing through galaxies. Thoroughly through space. A love that is so patient and tender. Effortless gentle, almost surreal that it feels unreal; to be loved isn't a kind gesture. It's to balm each others suffering. There will be no suffering. A love with so much loyalty. Past all the masked up wounds and scars.

A love where we never know who loves who more because it's endless as the depths and realms of oceans and all universes. A love where you just knows where it exactly it hurts and where to kiss me. A love that breaks all generational curses. A love so rare that when people see us they go: "damn y'all still together?" A love where I never have to question where I went wrong to deserve to all your wrong doings. A love where I never have to question your faithfulness and loyalty to me. A love where you only see me in a full room of people. A love where love never has to be jeopardized or given an ultimatum.

A love where we both can put our faith first. A love where my hands fits into yours so perfectly and your soothing voice puts me to sleep. Where silence speaks the most volume and where it's so loud; you can hear my inner pain and anxiety. A love where you can take all my hurt away as if you're my medicine. A love that never lies or has eyes for anyone else but me. A love where you only crave me and me only. A love where you feel ill when I'm away from you for too long. A love where you have all of me. My heart, my mind, body and soul. A love where we share half of each other. A love where I'd rip off the clothes off my back to keep you warm type of love. A love that is always and forever. A love where I never have to shed any tears and feel like there's thorns crawling through my skin. A love where I don't need to wash my hands after touching your skin because I feel and see germs creeping through my veins.

A love that is real life poetry or even a book with a love story line kind of love. A love that I never get tired of, a love I cannot get enough of because it was never too much. A love that consumes all the atoms in my body. A love that awaits me at my death bed and time after that. A love that is so warm on cold days. A love that caresses my lips that fits into yours. A love where I feel your heart beating as if it's my own heart beating. A love so bearable, I must drown myself in it.

What is the point of love, if I cannot drown myself in it?

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