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"Chase your dreams, chase the fucking bag, chase your goals like cops are chasing you!"

Don't keep driving, don't stop thriving. If there is room for improvement, if there is an opportunity, take it. Don't stop for anyone, don't stop even when you want to give up. I know there are days you might want to take a break from life, from people. Don't let your mind and emotions play you. One day may lead to many more days then many more years. Time doesn't pause or stop for anyone. Not even me.

Take time to yourself; light up your favorite candles, wear your comfiest clothes, your favorite pajamas. Buy new bed sheets, comforters, lots of blankets. Find a blank journal or diary. Update yourself, your own self about your own life, your emotions, your thoughts. Express them all, negative or positive. Fuel yourself. Stay up and rearrange your bedroom, your space, YOUR sanctuary. Spend time with and to yourself a few times a week if you can.

Take a break from people, from the world. Fill up that tub with bubbles and bath bombs. Have a glass of wine, and unwind. Discover new hair products, new skin care and just take care of yourself first. Mentally and emotionally first, psychically. Then resume time and wake up and find whatever it is you are grateful for. Live everyday like it'll be your last...

Make those hard decisions and risks. The world belongs to you. The world is your world. You have your own then there's another one much bigger than yours. I promise it will be worth it. Don't spend your youth, early twenties searching for another being. Don't put your life on hold for anyone else. Just keep going, enjoy the drive. Enjoy the progress. Take time to breathe and inhale every new finding, every new discovery about yourself. The love you've been missing that you think is missing from others; is what they lack for themselves.

The love you are missing from who and what you love is internally yours to keep. The love you want to receive from others, that you keep putting on for sale was yours. Keep that love to yourself. How can you love others, when you forgetting to keep loving you? You are doing just fine. It's okay to go out alone, run errands alone. It's totally fine to go to the movies and dinner just with you. Dress up like you're about to go on a date. Have drinks by yourself, over order everything on that fucking menu.

Go out and live!!! Who cares about what people think, how they feel and what they have to say. As long as you're happy, fuck everyone!!! Do whatever makes you happy, as long as you're in your own lane, going at your own pace/speed, what the fuck is the problem? If you're not hurting yourself or anybody else, just live. For yourself, for you. For your own mind. For your own comfort and happy. However you define happiness.

Goodnight. 💙

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