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I wish I can bury the memories of YOU and how YOU once made me feel. How happy it is to wake up to YOUr texts and missed calls. I miss YOU and I wish there was enough time for me to spend more of it with YOU. I know I get overbearing. Clingy sometimes too but that’s what I do when I’m fond of YOU.

I usually get OCD when it comes to things and people. I have to make sure things are perfect. That I am perfect even when I know I’m not. With YOU, I had to be. I wanted every kiss with YOU to be fucking perfect. That’s why I kissed YOU so much. One wasn’t enough, the first three just wasn’t good enough, my excuse was to do it over and over again. Until it was perfect.

YOU made me feel so special every time I’m with YOU. By the way you caress my palms to fit into yours so precisely. The way YOU talk to me, the way YOU looked into my eyes like YOU understood my soul. When I look at YOU, all I see is a foundation of essences that I want to spend the rest of my YOUth building with YOU. When I’m with YOU, I see YOUr body as a blank piece of paper or even so a blank canvas. That all I want to do is draw and paint over it with my soft kisses.

I was patient. I took my time, usually when I like a piece of art (someone), I take my time creating it. Instead of buying it then tossing it away because it’s not my muse anymore. Because I get bored or tired of looking at it. With YOU, it was always different and spontaneous. I loved spending quiet nights with YOU. I love hearing YOUr voice and the sound of YOUr laugh. The way your lips curl when you smile. I love how imperfectly perfect YOU are.

YOU’re like a drug and I always seem to always need to get my fix.

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